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My Student Years is a Scottish Social Enterprise registered as a Community Interest Company. It was set up to address the gap in transition support for students moving from school to university. Decades of research highlight the causes and implications of a poor transition to higher education.

We support children starting nursery, primary and secondary school but at the age of 17 or 18 students leave the familiarity of home, school and social life to start independent study and living. My Student Years Community and Transition Programme provides knowledge and skills which are crucial to the next stage of education.

Social Impact

My Student Years Community and Transition Programme improve the wellbeing students starting university or college giving them the best possible start to university or college which will benefit them throughout their student years. We offer financial assistance to those who cannot afford this service. We have a positive impact on Scottish students with a ripple effect on their education and families.


We are currently seeking Board Members & Advisors as well as students for the Student Board to guide direction. We seek to work with organisations and partners. We also offer students work experience to enhance their knowledge.


Research and campaign for changes to support a positive transition to higher education.



"Uni is very different to school in the sense that you won't have your lecturer checking up on you for homework/deadlines."

Hannah C
Graduate, University of Dundee

"University isn't half as scary as you think it might be. It's great fun, you'll make friends for life, and as long as you work hard (after first year, of course), you'll come out with a great degree!."

Sam M
Graduate, University of St Andrews

"Join as many societies as you can so you have a few circles of friends because everyone is desperate to make friends in the first few weeks but after a few months you might find you have nothing in common with flatmates."

Will M
Graduate, Strathclyde University
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