Are you ready for uni?

My Student Ways

Are you ready for uni?

My Student Ways

Are you ready for uni?

My Student Ways

Start your student journey today!

Does this sound like you?

  • Are you smart and driven but not sure what to expect at uni?
  • Have you an accepted an offer and wondering “What now?”
  • Are you waiting for results to find out where you are going ?
  • Are you anxious about studying or living independently?

…. If yes, you are in the right place!

“Going to university should be a positive, life-changing experience…but can be daunting and for some overwhelming”

—Damon Hinds, Education Secretary (March 2019)

Decades of research show the culture shock which students can experience when starting university.

Despite being top performing students, our young people have not been equipped effectively to deal with independent academic study and living. Students can experience challenges with academic, money and life which negatively impact progress and happiness, resulting in drop out and mental health issues.   


My Student Years
  • 27% of students report a mental health issue during uni.
  • 95% end of first year students survey would have liked to know about academic skills before they started
  • 75% would have liked to know about money and budgeting skills before they started

Find out how prepared you are:

“We need to empower our students with realistic expectations about university and provide them with the knowledge and tools to have the best first year experience”

—Sally Sandground, My Student Years

MSY’s psychology informed, compassionate approach has built a fun community of students providing them with knowledge and tools they need are student ready.

  • Fun student community
  • Networking and making contacts
  • Access to an advisor
  • Student Fit Course
  • Masterclasses
  • Live events

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