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Leaving School?

Leaving School?

Want to take the next step on your student journey?

Does this sound like you?

  • Are you smart and driven but not sure what to expect at uni?
  • Have you an accepted an offer and wondering “What now?”
  • Are you waiting for results to find out where you are going ?
  • Are you concerned about any aspect of studying or living independently?

…. If yes, you are in the right place!


What Next?

Complete the Fresher 2023 Survey (via the button below) to complete a  find out how prepared you are to start first year. This will just take a few minutes.

Once you have completerd the Survey, if you are applicable, you will be invited to join the My Student Years and you can get started!


The MSY Community and Transition Programme is perfect if you want to

Find out what university and college is REALLY like

Meet other students going to the same city or college

Explore topics crucial to starting independent study and living!

Learn and share with peers

Build your personal skills toolkit so you are prepared for anything!


What will I get?

My Student Years are building a fun community of students providing you with knowledge and tools you need to be student ready. When you join the MSY Community you will have access to:

  • Fun friendly student community
  • Networking and making new contacts
  • StudentFit Course
  • Webinars, Masterclasses, Live events
  • Freebies and Offers
  • Bonus : Free 1-2-1 Introduction
  • and much more!


Hear what other students say...

"University isn't half as scary as you think it might be. It's great fun, you'll make friends for life, and as long as you work hard (after first year, of course), you'll come out with a great degree!."

Sam M
Graduate, University of St Andrews
Hear what other students say...

"Uni is very different to school in the sense that you won't have your lecturer checking up on you for homework/deadlines."

Hannah C
Graduate, University of Dundee
Hear what other students say...

"Join as many societies as you can so you have a few circles of friends because everyone is desperate to make friends in the first few weeks but after a few months you might find you have nothing in common with flatmates."

Will M
Graduate, Strathclyde University

“Going to university should be a positive, life-changing experience…but can be daunting and for some overwhelming

—Damon Hinds, Education Secretary (March 2019)

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